Thursday, 14 October 2010

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Suffer: Recover

I’m finding myself lately, reviewing albums by bands I haven’t heard of. Normally, I see a name of a band I don’t know and I’ll Google it, maybe watch a video on YouTube or MySpace and probably be influenced by more than just the music.

The trouble here and now is, I haven’t got an internet connection at the moment. This means I can only listen to the promo I’ve been given to review.

But that doesn’t really matter for The Library Suits, because they’ve got me from the first listen. A band or artist makes a name for themselves by connecting in some way to their audience and their music becomes a soundtrack to our lives.

The Library Suits have this ability. Suffer; recover is up to the neck in passionate songs that suck you in from the first guitar chord. Songs that remind me of the American Emo movement, but there are reminiscent of European bands like Germany’s Fury in the Slaughterhouse or the UK’s Immaculate Fools.

The Library Suits are certainly all about the songs and if you like me, are the kind of person that wants their music to mean something, then this band should be in your playlist with five stars next to their name.

All I need to do now is visit a friend with internet so that I can Google them… Check out their page on MySpace BTW.

Review by Tobye Hillier

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