Sunday, 26 September 2010

Here we go again...

As a band, we've come to the conclusion that a little pressure can be a good thing. In fact the more pressure we put ourselves under, the more motivated we seem to become. This became apparent shortly after the birth of our little band. The Library Suits was only a couple of months old and was taking it's first wobbly steps into the world of music when we decided to record our first release. 'suffer:recover' was even more ridiculous in retrospect. Having decided that we were going to record a full length album, we booked a week to record in two months time, despite only having four or five tracks written.

That all seemed to work out, somehow, so here we go again, on the 8th January we'll be swanning off yet again to record the follow up to 'suffer:recover'. We're all excited by this, and quite nervous but hope to return from Wales with a third album to show off and a gigging schedule more jam-packed than a doughnut smugglers' trousers.

So here's to the next few months, we'll be recording our progress in blog form so you can stay well up to date with how stressed we all are. Stay tuned for some incoherent ramblings, mainly about what a stupid idea this probably is, but also about some less serious stuff.

Blog you later,

Richmond x